Smashed Cucumbers with Chili Oil and Feta

Smashing the cucumbers is not only fun but it creates irregular edges perfect for catching the chili oil.

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4-6 cucumbers, any vareity
1/4 cup olive oil
1 tsp aleppo, urfa, or other mild chili pepper
1/2 tsp chili flake
4 cloves garlic, minced
4 oz feta, crumbled
1 bunch parsley, basil, or cilantro (or a combination)


  1. In a small sauce pan heat the olive oil over low heat until just warm
  2. Add the garlic and chili flakes and remove from the heat then allow to steep for at least 10 minutes
  3. With a large knife, remove the ends of the cucumber and then smash the cucumber with the wide part of the blade to make irregular pieces
  4. Dress the cucumber with the chili oil and a big pinch of salt then transfer to a serving platter
  5. Top with the crumbled feta and herbs and serve