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Meals at Granor Farm feature crops grown on our farm, all while celebrating the food culture of southwest Michigan around long tables and over good conversation. Throughout the season, we offer a variety of events all centered on eating, connecting, and learning about our regional food community. 

We hope that you will join us and share in our area’s deliciousness. 

All meals are planned and prepared by Abra Berens, Chef at Granor Farm. All events are by reservation only and tickets are non-refundable. 

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Meals & Conversation

Taste of Granor Dinners

Join us in our renovated farmhouse for a multi-course, family-style meal that utilizes the best of Granor Farm’s crops and ingredients from the surrounding agricultural community. These dinners epitomize our desire to connect the food we grow with the people who eat it, all while providing a space for diners to connect with each other in beautiful Southwest Michigan.

Evenings kick off with an appetizer reception at the Farm Store, where you will be checked in for the dinner. After check in, we will lead you on a tour of the farm and all of its various growing spaces. During this walking tour of our fields and facilities you will learn about the intensive cultivation practices we use at Granor. 

After the tour, you will arrive at the farm house for dinner. Each dinner features produce grown on the farm, bread baked in our wood-fired oven, meats sourced from neighboring farms, and local cheeses and grains from the surrounding region. Dinner will conclude with dessert and coffee around the fireplace or under the summer stars.  

Book and Supper Club

The only thing we love as much as eating is reading. This dinner series combines those two loves. Book and Supper Club features local and national authors as they lead an intimate conversation about their work, followed by a meal inspired by the book. All diners will receive a copy of the book as part of the ticket price. 

Meet the Producer

Granor Farm is fortunate to be rooted in a region full of artisan producers. This dinner series connects diners with a regional food producer as we sample their tasty work and learn about what goes into its production. Each meal begins with discussion with the producer, followed by a multi-course, family-style meal using their ingredients. This program engages with other small farms allowing us to learn more about regional food production. 

Video courtesy of New Buffalo Explored

Classes & Workshops

Since its formation, Granor Farm has worked to educate and share knowledge with persons of all ages and interests. We host a series of classes and workshops around the crops that we grow to inspire confident cooking  and growing in your kitchen and home.

Each class provides detailed information about the dishes we are preparing, recipes, and a demonstration of how to work with each ingredient. After the demonstration, we eat the dishes created and continue the conversation about how to best cook with these ingredients at home. 

Please join us on our farm as we cook and eat together.

Farm Store Cooking

Each month this class series identifies five vegetables from the Granor Farm Store, discusses what to look for when shopping for ingredients, and demonstrates recipes for each crop. This class will educate you on how to use ingredients in their prime state, and also how to best manage ingredients that may have been refrigerated for too long.

This class accommodates cooks of all skill levels, and is a great way for CSA members to feel confident cooking through their weekly produce supply. 

Beyond the Garden

Our food community is filled with many other artisans and producers. Granor Farm regularly invites other producers to our kitchen to teach about their ingredients. These classes focus on a broad array of foodstuffs, including locally produced cheeses, wines, fruits, and meats. Keep an eye on our event calendar to book your space at the next workshop. 

Classes And Workshops Salad Classes And Workshops Salad