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Farm Camp

Granor Farm Camp is a summer program for children ages 5-10 years old. Each day we encourage the campers to “get dirty” with the soil. They are asked to work with our farm staff to harvest, problem solve, and think creatively about what to make with the produce. The campers learn about the food they eat and discover a love of trying something new. In addition, Granor Farm Camp is about making new friends, discovering what life is like on a farm, and learning how to snag an egg from the chicken coop.

Our Granor Farm team includes teachers with over 20 years of experience working with children, counselors who attended our program as students, and our crew of farm managers who work at Granor Farm everyday. Granor Farm Camp is all about fostering a child’s curiosity, creativity, and love of just having fun.

The dates for 2019 Granor Farm Camp are:

Session I: July 15-18
Session II: July 29-August 1
Session III: August 5-8

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Activities at Farm Camp

Exploring the Fields

It is our goal to immerse the campers in the agricultural process at Granor Farm. The campers will help harvest, weed, water, clean, and manage the pests. Campers love to find the wild collection of bugs that hide among the plants. Our farm staff will have assignments each day to be divided up and accomplished.

Art & Building Projects:

There is always something that needs fixing or a challenge that requires a creative solution at Granor Farm. Each day the campers will work on a special project to help improve life at the farm. These projects have included building a new library for the farmstand, painting the chicken coop, and creating artwork to beautify the property and farm buildings. Campers will brainstorm ideas, work together to find solutions, and share in the process of creating something fun and useful.


In addition to learning how to skillfully harvest the vegetables from the fields, we want our campers to learn how to use the food we are growing in delicious recipes. Together with our in-house chef, the campers will learn about a new recipe, help prepare the food, and hopefully develop a favorite way to prepare and eat yummy vegetables. At the end of the week, campers will go home with a new collection of recipes to share with their families.

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Camp Directors

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Vicki Rosenbluth

Program Director

Vicki was born and raised in Michigan, graduated from Michigan State University, and raised three wonderful boys. She spent a few decades in the Chicago area where she taught preschool at the Mary Meyer School in Lincoln Park. Vicki and her husband Tom are "retiring" to the Three Oaks area in 2018, where she will continue to share the incredible resources of Granor Farm and its staff to teach, explore, and discover the natural world with our summer campers.