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Farm Store

The Granor Farm Store is stocked with Certified Organic produce, all grown from seed to harvest, by Granor. Our produce is harvested fresh for market, often the day of sale, and showcases the best of each season. Visitors will have the opportunity to select from a range of vegetables, fruits, grains, herbs and flowers.

In addition to our produce, you will also find delicious items from our kitchen and a range of curated products from special growers and makers. Come browse our shelves for pantry staples, specialty cheeses, regional charcuterie, soups, take and bake sweets, marinated meats, fresh bread, gifts, and so much more.

Granor Farm Store Hours (EST)
Starting May 31st | Fridays 9AM-7PM, Saturdays 9AM-4PM, Sundays 10AM-2PM

Farm Store FAQs

Online Store and Workshops + Classes

Introducing our Online Store complete with curated ingredients, Granor Farm Gear, and Classes + Workshops.

Looking for the perfect gift?
Peruse our selection of Classes + Workshops, Granor Farm merchandise, cookbooks, and a curated selection of ingredients.

We also offer e-gift cards at any amount! They can only be redeemed in-person at the Granor Farm Store (3480 Warren Woods Road, Three Oaks, MI) or online at the Granor Farm Online Store. Cannot be used to purchase dining tickets, farm camp, or CSA. Value does not expire.

2024 Dates to Note

  • February 16th: Farm Store Fridays & Saturdays from 11am-4pm
  • April 26th: Hours Extend to Fridays & Saturdays from 9am-4pm
  • May 24th + 25th: Annual Seedling Sale 9am-4pm **view the Seedling Sale Lookbook**
  • Starting May 31st: Hours Extend to Fridays 9AM-7PM, Saturdays 9AM-4PM, and Sundays 10AM-2PM
  • November 9th: Bean Nouveau
  • November 22nd + 23rd: Thanksgiving Market
  • November 29th + 30th: Farm is Closed
  • December 14th: Holiday Market
  • December 20th: Final Farm Store of the Season


Granor Farm offers certified organic, high quality produce and grains to local restaurants, small groceries, breweries, distilleries, private chefs, and many other food businesses.

We email our seasonal availability list on Mondays for delivery on Thursdays within 30 miles of the farm. If you are located further away or prefer more flexibility, you can pick up your order on Thursdays or Fridays at the farm.

To add your business to our wholesale list, please email [email protected].

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