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Farm Camp FAQs

Questions? Email: [email protected]

Will Granor Farm Camp still continue it's programming this summer?

Granor Farm Camp, founded over ten years ago, is about fostering a child’s curiosity, creativity and love of just having fun. Our program is designed around projects where we come together in groups to explore the fields, cook with Granor produce and run around the farm with the counselors playing a classic game of tag.

We have, unfortunately, concluded we cannot maintain the spirit of Granor Farm Camp while also adhering to Covid-19 guidelines. Therefore, Granor Farm Camp programming has been canceled for 2020.

We are incredibly disappointed and hope you will visit us again next summer.

What age group may attend camp?

Children between the ages of 5-12 years of age are welcome to participate in Granor Farm Camp. Each camper must be at least five years of age by the first day of their camp session.

Is this a half or full day program?

Camp begins at 9:00 AM ET and ends at 12:30 PM ET.

How many sessions of camp are there each season?

We host three one-week sessions of camp each season. You are welcome to enroll in one week or two weeks of the program. While the structure of the day is consistent week to week, the programming changes to incorporate the new produce that becomes available throughout the season.

Can you accommodate allergies (food, bee, etc)?

Possibly. If your child has a severe food or bug allergy, we recommend that you contact our program director, Liz ([email protected]) to discuss it further. Be aware that our kitchen and other facilities are not allergen free.

May parents/guardians participate in the camp program?

No. Each morning your child will be greeted by one of our fabulous and cool counselors who will escort your child to the first activity of the day. We ask that parents/guardians hold off on exploring the farm until the end of the camp session.

Is lunch provided?

We ask each camper to bring a lunch to camp. In addition to the cooking project, campers will come together and eat lunch they brought from home.

What is the Granor Farm Camp Cancellation Policy?

Summer plans can change and we appreciate that. However, supplies are purchased and planning takes place well in advance of the beginning of camp. Therefore, we will reimburse 50% of camp tuition if you let us know at least two weeks prior to your session. After two weeks, the tuition is non-fundable.