You can add lots of flavors to sauerkraut (caraway, onion, garlic, mustard) but all you need is cabbage, salt, and time.

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1 head napa cabbage, sliced thinly


  1. After trimming and slicing the cabbage, weigh it
  2. Calculate 2% of the weight in salt-- so if it is 500 g cabbage, you'd need 10 g salt etc
  3. Sprinkle the salt over the cabbage and bash with a rolling pin or empty wine bottle until the cabbage has released enough of it's liquid to create a brine that covers the cabbage
  4. Weigh the cabbage under the brine with a clean plate and leave at room temperature until it ferments, usually about 12-24 hours
  5. Taste the kraut every day until it is the level of tang that you like
  6. Jar up and put in the fridge to slow the fermentation and eat