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Our Team

Wesley Rieth

Wesley Rieth

Operations Manager

Wes enjoyed countless childhood summers working on farms in Southwest Michigan, and resumed farming full-time in June of 2016. He considers his second home to be underneath the hood of a tractor, but when his hands aren't greasy, he enjoys running, cycling, live music, and enjoying good food among the company of good friends.

Contact: [email protected]

Abra Berens

Abra Berens


Abra strives to make simple, delicious food that celebrates the Midwest. She believes that the meals we eat should change with the seasons and that their ingredients should come from nearby. She has been cooking since 2006, from the storied Zingerman’s Deli, to chef driven restaurants in Chicago. In 2017, she left her position as Executive Chef at Local Foods to join the Granor team. As the chef at Granor Farm, Abra combines her love of Michigan, cooking vegetables just-pulled from the ground, and sharing them with others around one big table.

Contact: [email protected]

Jose Portrait

Jose Olivera

Field manager
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Andrew Harris

Assistant Grain Manager

Andrew’s lifelong love for agriculture has landed him milking on a homestead-scale dairy farm to operating a combine harvester the literal entire length of the United States, and many points in between. This love manifests itself most in the sustainable growing of artisan and heirloom grains. Andrew studied Agroecology at Goshen College in Northern Indiana and employs the sustainability techniques he learned there in Granor’s fields. Outside of farming, Andrew enjoys cycling, camping and good beer

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Molly Brewe

Farm Store Manager

Molly joined the Granor team in 2020 after an expansive, 20+ year culinary career cooking in restaurants, managing corporate kitchens, private chefing, and spearheading catering programs. After studying English Literature at Michigan State University, Molly received her culinary arts degree from Schoolcraft College and her Master’s Degree in Cultural Food Systems from NYU. Molly is committed to the development, education and production of sustainable Midwest food. She lives in Northwest Indiana with her family.

Contact: [email protected]

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Johannah Frelier

Field Coordinator

Johannah entered the world of agriculture as a Granor Farm intern during the 2019 season. Before rejoining the team in 2021, she worked in academia managing a farm to school program and conducting health policy research. With her Master’s in Public Health from the University of Texas, Johannah is our resident southerner, but has quickly acclimated to life in the Midwest. As the field coordinator she grows our delicious produce and manages the CSA. Johannah also enjoys the beach, local breweries, and cooking at home… all with her Border Collie, Tex.