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Our farmhouse, greenhouse, hoop houses, barns, and farmstand reflect our keen interest in architectural and landscape design.

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In addition to growing organic vegetables, we have a keen interest in architectural and landscape design. Our farmhouse, greenhouse, hoop houses, long, and tall pole barns, farmstand, and “edible” barnyard reflect an esthetic commitment to creating the modern farm. Granor Farm’s “hose-it-off” architecture is thoughtfully simple, underscoring the farm’s mission. A closer examination reveals subtle design details and a commitment to craftsmanship.


An existing two story framed farmhouse constructed circa 1920 has been preserved and painted white, with a new addition constructed to incorporate a bath, kitchen/dining/work area, and screened porch. The farm house addition is entirely clad in “off-the-shelf” silver and red corrugated metal panels on the interior and exterior.

Greenhouse and Hoop Houses

The greenhouse, steel-framed with polycarbonate panels, provides a contemporary esthetic for an age-old practice. In the greenhouse our seeds become seedlings, and allows us to get a jump-start on the season.

Complimenting the greenhouse are four Gothic steel-framed hoop houses clad in durable plastic. These "hoops" extend the growing season into the winter months, producing tender lettuces, spinach, arugula, and other hardy greens able to thrive and sweeten in colder temperatures.

The barns

The long and tall pole barns are also entirely clad in “off-the-shelf” silver and red corrugated metal panels. The long barn houses our walk-in cooler and serves as a staging area for packaging and washing our produce. 

The tall barn functions as workshop, classroom, kitchen and intern housing during the summer months.

The pole barn stores bigger equipment, tractors and vehicles like Bessie, our 1974 refurbished grain truck and our International Harvester Combine.