Polenta Pasta with Corn Salad

Fresh pasta sheets wrapped around a creamy polenta filling and topped with a sweet, spicy, salty corn salad and a lot of cilantro is our definition of perfect fall food-- it can also be made with frozen corn to warm up the long nights in the winter.

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4 sheets fresh pasta, 5 inches x 10 inches
1 cup polenta cooked
1 cup ricotta
2 eggs
10 oz kerneled corn
1/2 habanero pepper, finely diced
1 bunch cilantro, roughly chopped
olive oil


  1. Blanch the pasta sheets until they are 80% cooked, about 3 minutes, and then chill in a cold water bath
  2. Combine the cooked polenta, ricotta, eggs, and several pinches of salt and black pepper to make a thick filling
  3. Blot the pasta sheets dry and spread the ricotta filling all over then roll up the pasta like a jelly roll-- I roll long way for more tube like portions, roll the short way for more layers
  4. Transfer the rolled tubes to refrigeration and chill at least 4 hours
  5. Slice the tubes in half and transfer to a buttered casserole (or oven proof) dish
  6. Heat oven to 400F
  7. Toss the kerneled corn with a glug of olive oil and roast the corn until caramelized
  8. Combine the roasted corn, diced habanero, chopped cilantro, and olive oil with a several pinches of salt and taste, adjusting seasoning as desired
  9. Bake the pasta, uncovered, to warm the filling, about 15 minutes
  10. Top with the corn salad and serve