Egg In a Nest with Duck Fat Arugula and Ramps

A slight twist on the original, we like to use a very seedy bread and duck fat to give an extra bit of decadence balanced with feel-good grainy bread. The arugula and scallions are really just an embarrassment of riches!

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4 slices of bread cut 1/2 inch thick
4 tbsp duck fat or butter
4 eggs
1 bag arugula
2 ramps or scallions, sliced thinly


  1. Turn on the broiler to high
  2. Using a biscuit cutter or knife, cut a 2 inch round hole in the middle of each piece of bread
  3. In a large frying pan over medium high heat heat the duck fat until shimmering hot
  4. Pan fry the bread and little circle until golden brown
  5. Flip and crack the egg into the hole of the bread then season liberally with salt and pepper
  6. Let fry for about a minute or until the white feels mostly set on the bottom
  7. Scatter the sliced ramp over the top and place under the broiler to finish cooking the egg (about 30 seconds)
  8. Dress the arugula with olive oil, a squeeze of lemon (or splash of vinegar), salt and pepper
  9. Remove the pan from the broiler
  10. Divvy the eggs across serving plates
  11. Top the egg with the little toast round and serve with a big pile of arugula on the side