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Thanksgiving Turkey FAQ

Is Granor Farm hosting it's annual in-person Thanksgiving market this year?

Unfortunately, no. We have moved our 2020 market entirely online, but we do plan to have some terrific local and sustainable holiday fare available through our online market featuring our fabulous vendors from prior holiday markets.

What kind of turkeys are you selling for Thanksgiving?

Fresh Gunthorp Farms Pasture-Raised Turkey. Choose from Small (12-15lb), Medium (15- 17lb), Large (18- 19lb) or Extra Large (20- 23lb).

*Please note that small turkeys are frozen. All other sizes are fresh birds.

Gunthorp Farms is a family-run operation in LaGrange, Indiana. All of the turkeys are raised on organic pasture without the use of antibiotics, and they have an on-farm USDA inspected organic processing plant where they harvest, process, and package all of the animals.

The turkeys include giblets (heart, liver, and neck), all tucked inside the cavity.

How do I order my Thanksgiving turkey?

All turkey purchases can be made through our Online Farm Store from October 6th until November 12th, during our regular weekly online sales window: Tuesdays 12:00 PM EST to Thursdays 4:00 PM EST.

When can I pick up my Thanksgiving turkey?

You may pick up your turkey during our Thanksgiving Holiday hours: Friday, November 20th, 9:00 AM -5:00 PM EST and Saturday, November 21st 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST.

Follow the signage at our Farm Store. We'll show you where to park while we pack your order. Stay in your car, unlock your trunk and we'll place your order inside your car.

What is your return policy?

All orders are final, no changes or returns. If you do not pick up your order during our special Thanksgiving pickup hours, your order will be donated without refund.

Are turkeys available before your Thanksgiving holiday weekend?

Whole turkeys are not available before Granor's Thanksgiving holiday hours, November 20th and 21st. We do sell turkey breasts through the online market, available regularly throughout the winter.

I think I ordered my turkey. How can I confirm?

When you place an order through our Online Farm Store you will receive a confirmation email shortly after purchase. If you did not receive a confirmation email and have further questions about your order, please email [email protected].