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We’re making spirits with our own organic grains, starting with a Rye Whiskey.

Planting The Seed

Here at Granor, we are continuing to expand our offerings of certified organic and transitional, organically-grown grains to a wide range of buyers, including everyone from large processors, distillers, and brewers, to home bakers, millers, and enthusiasts.

To the right you will find a list of our current on-farm inventory and a list of what's ahead for 2020. Please contact [email protected] for pricing and more information.

All the grains we offer are clean, dry, and ready to use, and come in a variety of bag sizes and quantities.

Granor Grains

  • Organic hard red winter wheat
  • Organic buckwheat
  • Organic soft red winter wheat
  • Organic cereal rye
  • Organic 2-row barley
  • Organic yellow dent corn
  • Organic Wapsie Valley heirloom corn
  • Organic blue dent corn
  • Organic Bloody Butcher red dent corn
  • Organic white dent corn
  • Organic soybeans
  • Transitional buckwheat
  • Transitional hulless oats
  • Organic straw

Our First Grain Harvest

During the fall of 2014, Granor Farm began its foray into cultivating organic grain with planting just a few acres of winter rye. In July of the following year, with a combine that predated World War II, and an undeniable amount of beginner’s luck, we successfully completed our first rye harvest.

Sipping Whiskey

In 2015 we discovered that our organic rye made for some pretty tasty whiskey. We’ve since modernized our equipment, increased our acreage, expanded our plantings from just rye to include wheat, spelt, oats, and corn, and constructed our own on-farm facilities for cleaning, drying, and storing.

Image 3

Field to Barrel to Bottle

Over the last four years, we have set aside some of our rye and wheat harvest for our own whiskey, currently aging in American White Oak barrels, with the remainder of our grains used by a local distillery, nearby breweries, and organic livestock producers. Later this year, Granor Farm plans to bottle its own whiskey, which will be available on a very limited basis.

Grain Philosophy

As with all of our crops, we believe that our grains must be produced in a way that is good for our soil, good for the people that tend it, and good for those in our community who share in the harvest with us.

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