Sourdough Starter Guide

Things to know about your starter...

Sourdough starter 12 scaled

We do a daily feed of 100g flour, 100g water, and 10g of the starter from the previous day—discarding the excess old starter.

If you aren’t going to use your starter for a few days (or even a week or so), feed it and then store in the fridge. When you are ready to bake, pull your starter from the fridge a night or two in advance and feed again.

Starters are hard to kill, so if are afraid that you’ve killed yours, just feed with fresh flour and water for a couple of rounds and see if it comes back.

The best way to get to know how your starter reacts is to watch it. Feed it and then make a line (or place a rubber band or a piece of tape) in line with the top of the starter. In eight hours come back and see how much it has grown.

Starters are more active in warm weather (or when fed with warm water) and seem to digest white flour faster than wheat—just like us.

Use this starter in your favorite sourdough recipe. Some of the resources we really like (and use regularly) are from Sarah Owens, who has a full sourdough tutorial on Food52; Chad Robertson from Tartine in San Francisco; the Kitchn has several good resources for beginning bakers as well.

Good luck and have fun!