Old Fashioned Pie Crust

Our favorite pie crusts are 50% butter and 50% high quality lard for the perfect balance of tender and flakey. This makes enough dough for 1 9" double crust or 2 9" single crust pies.


100g unsalted butter
100g lard
10g red wine vinegar
120g cold water
350g all purpose flour
7g salt
7g sugar


  1. Cut the butter and lard into cubes and keep very cold
  2. Combine the vinegar and water and store in the fridge
  3. Combine the flour, salt and sugar in a large bowl
  4. Add the fats and using a pastry cutter or your hands rub in until the size of pea meal
  5. Add 80% of the water and vinegar mixture and bring the dough together adding more water a tablespoon at a time until the dough just holds together when squeezed into a ball
  6. Turn the dough out onto a table and knead into a smooth dough with streaks of butter still visible
  7. Divide the dough in half and gently form into balls. Slightly flatten and then wrap and chill for at least 30 minutes
  8. After chilling, roll dough on a floured surface into a 14 inch wide circle that is about 1/8 inch thick