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Farm Store FAQs

What can I expect when I come to the retail farm store at Granor Farm?

The Granor Farm Store is filled with our seed-to-harvest organic vegetables, fabulous Granor Farm merchandise, items from our on-farm kitchen, and local artisan products.

In order to keep our customers and employees as safe as possible, we require all non-vaccinated visitors to please wear a mask.

We will limit farm store guests to 5-8 at a time.

Where should I park?

There is a parking lot along the NE side of the property, right next to the farm store.

What are the farm store hours?

Spring + Summer + Fall Hours (May-November):

Fridays from 9am- 3pm ET

Saturdays from 9am-12 noon ET

Do you take credit cards?

We accept cash and credit cards.

We do not currently accept mobile or digital wallet payments.

Is the farm store open for pre-ordering online?

We are currently open for in-person, retail shopping only.

May I bring my Granor Farm box back?

Yes! We will reuse the boxes. We do not accept used brown bags or egg cartons.

May I bring my own reusable bag for my groceries?

Yes! We will happily pack your own bag for you.

How will I know what's available each week at the store?

We do our best to communicate what's available via our weekly newsletter and over social media. The team typically harvests vegetables the day before or the day of the farm store, so it's very last minute.

What is your phone number?

We don't have a phone. Service is very spotty on the farm, so it's best to communicate via email. Please reach out to [email protected] for any farm store questions.

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