Leap Day Fête: The Everlasting Meal featuring Tamar Adler

Date Feb 29 2024
Time 7:00-10:30PM
Cost: $196 all inclusive

Leap Day always has the lucky feeling of finding extra time or extending life just a little bit. Which is the same feeling that we had first reading Tamar Adler's work The Everlasting Meal, which focuses on how the ends of one meal are the starts of the next.

From the kitchens of Prune (NY) and Chez Panisse (CA) to the role contributing editor at Vogue (formerly of Harpers and the New York Times Magazine), Tamar has built a career filled with smart, witty prose that teaches and inspires ways to wring every bit of flavor out of an ingredient, an idea that is at the heart of the Granor Kitchen.

We are thrilled that she can join us for an evening of conversation and a meal celebrating the extra day, her work, and the second life given to often overlooked ingredients.

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Granor Farm Events Team
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The evening will kick off with a conversation with Tamar about why the ends of one meal make the best starts of the next, what she does with found ingredients and found time, the role of being a writer in an ever increasingly visual medium, what is a cookbook anyway, and what she's most excited about eating these days.

Following the discussion will be a multi-course meal with dishes inspired by Tamar's book, The Everlasting Meal. Every ticket includes a copy of The Everlasting Meal. Additional copies will be on hand for purchase the night of the event or can be added on during the booking process. The event will conclude with a book signing.

Granor Farm Events Team

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