Our fields are designed strategically, carefully sourcing seeds, employing tested growing and harvesting techniques, yielding superior produce and certification at the highest level.

We stagger our plantings, which, combined with the differential growing times of each plant varietal and longer growing time for direct field seeding, allows us to extend harvest periods. The practice also allows for a more dependable and consistent harvest. Over the weeks of May and June the seedlings will be moved to the fields for hardening and then planted.

While we will be weeding daily, the organic farmer’s eternal struggle, the activities in the field to bring the crops to harvest are manifold. The Tomatoes, Pole Beans and Peas require trellising and pruning. The Cucumbers and Zucchini are harvested daily to prevent damage to the plant. The Potatoes are trenched and hilled. The Squash and Pumpkins receive weekly inspection for pests and mildew, an aspect of our extensive Integrated Pest Management strategies. Our farm also includes chickens, bat-boxes and bees, which receive dedicated attention and care as well.

As the harvest begins, we spread into the field, handpicking produce at the peak of freshness. We immediately plunge the crops into ice-cold water to remove the field temperature thereby preserving flavor, color and texture. We harvest produce at dawn to reduce the respiration damage that comes later in the day.

We wash all produce, dry it, and pack it in either the CSA share boxes for same day delivery, or our cooler, to be driven to market the next morning.

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