We are committed to creating an environment respectful of the land we cultivate, the products we grow, and the people who help us.

Strong believers in feeding the soil, not just the plant, Granor Farm draws on historical and modern practices to enhance our land’s ecology to produce flavorful, nutritious, and beautiful vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruits.

Our methods balance a commitment to technological and agricultural processes by which soil development and plant growth are governed with a focus on developing optimal modern practices.

These practices, including crop rotations, inter-cropping, the use of green manures and other organic soil enhancements, balanced and calculated Integrated Pest Management, and understanding input and output costs, all contribute to a sustainable and dynamic farming system.

We are certified organic through the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association, and are Environmentally Verified through the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP).

Granor Farm is a place to exchange ideas and educate our supporters about the vital relationship between healthy land and exceptional food. This relationship helps understand a farmer as botanist, educator and caretaker.

Granor Farms represents a constant project, an experiment whose purpose is to grow delicious, authentic, and healthy food for our local community. How we grow our vegetables impacts the land we care for and community we serve.