Our farmhouse, greenhouse, hoop houses, barns, and produce stand reflect our keen interest in architectural and landscape design.

In addition to growing nutritious and delicious fruits and vegetables, we have a keen interest in architectural and landscape design. Our farmhouse, greenhouse, hoop house, long barn, tall barn, produce stand,   and “edible” barnyard reflect our esthetic commitment to creating the modern farm. Granor Farm’s “hose-it-off” architecture is thoughtfully simple, underscoring the farm’s mission. A closer examination reveals subtle design details and a commitment to craftsmanship.

An existing two story framed farmhouse constructed circa 1920 has been preserved and painted white, with a new addition constructed to incorporate a bath, kitchen/dining/work area and screened porch. The farm house addition is entirely clad in “off-the-shelf” silver and red corrugated metal panels.

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